Caftan Cravings

As one might guess I really want a caftan, and yes that is totally true… But being the designer I am, I rifled through my fabric stash and got my sketch book and paper for pattern making and got to work… and this is the design I came up with the whole garment was spawned by my unflagging love of the caftans ,vintage garments, and ethnic wear…

I love this dress it’s thus far one of my favorite designs I have designed for myself.

even though it’s a tad bit small I love it all the same but I am going to archive this little dress since the blue fabric I used is a bit fragile. I also love how this dress fits. It’s one of the best fitting dresses I have designed and made.
wearing: cotton caftany fock designed and made by me, layered underneath a mens knit cotton tank I made into a slip, vintage macramé belt, self made and deigned necklace, vintage leather tote, Chaps sandals.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!! And thank you so much for your support and dropping by!!!!!!!!!!



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