Closets and Clothes-lines

I love closets, I always have. And I wanted to give you a little peak into mine. My closet truly inspires me . I love to look at all the colors patterns and fabrics that coexist so harmoniously. I hope you all enjoy it!

dresses and light long coats & jackets

tanks, camis, and tube tops


Blouses (I arrange them by sleeve length I do the same with my dresses, coats & jackets.)

vests, jackets & blazers

Belts, I love to collect them since they are inexpensive. Most of them are from thrift stores and they are a fun way to perk up ones wardrobe.

A snippet of my vintage purse collection

I couldn’t resist taking pictures of my clothes on the line it just looked so pretty.
So this picture is for all you readers who like pics like this {I really like them =) }

I was wondering what inspires you on a daily basis?

Also  if you all want to see an amazing closet click on over to the Glamourai and check out this post.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!!! I’m so thankful for you sweet comments, you guys make me smile =)




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