It was another rainy day today. The nice thing about that is I could wear denim and polyester and not sweat to death. Any way I almost got rid of this dress but deep down I knew I would regret it. So after approx. 9 months of it sitting in my closet I finally wore it. And I’m so glad I did. I felt so good wearing it. and with the denim jacket it isn’t as sweet and cutesy as what I’ve been wearing. As a friend said, I look more edgy…And I love my hair too, it’s definitely a nice change having it up.Next time my hair gets cut I think it’s going to be something like Mia Farrow’s when she had it super short in the 60’s and 70’s. I can’t wait for that!!!
wearing:vintage sheer dress(I agree with all those who say it’s fun to wear black in the summer it’s rather unexpected),Oldnavy dress worn underneath, Target denim jacket, Payless flip-flops,Vintage sash belt worn as a head band, Vintage earrings,Vintage turquoise and mother of pearl ring (it’s one of my favorites), and self designed necklace.
I hope you all had a blessed and dry day!!!! And thank you so much for your comments I love reading them!!! =)



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