Anchors Away

                  wearing: Vintage anchor print dress that I shortened, much loved Linea Pelle 
                      belt, Vintage over sized straw clutch, various vintage jewelz,& Payless flip-flops.

   So about a week a go I had a Birthday Party to go to. So I decied to wear this dress. In fact I have been wanting to wear it so badly for the week and a half proceeding this. It was so nice to wear it. And I love the pin-up vibe it has going for it. When I bought the dress I hated the length it was awkward and frumpy. So I carefully chopped a few inches of the hem sewed it up and ironed it down and now it’s my new favorite dress!!!
I hope you all have blessed day!!! Thank you so much for stopping by I love hearing from you all!!!
                                                        Laura =)



  1. Hey Nickie, Your welcome and It's so sad how you messed up on the bais cut dress that stoinks so bad But I know you'll get back to it and shorten more since it breathes so much new life into old garments. and thank you for dropping by my blog =)

  2. Great look Laura! It's funny–ever since I was little I've hated those salor suits my mom used to dress me up in for church. Your dress is so adorable! Maybe I'll give the nautical look a second chance!

  3. I love the nautical print of this dress. I've been feeling anything anchor printed this summer – it's so cool and retro, and I have to agree with you on the pin up vibe that nautical outfits give off. I just think of Bridget Bardot when I think of great nautical looks.

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