Evolution of an Outfit

I’m one of those people who has a tendency to change outfits through out the day. But there are times when one is not at home, and has  to make do with what one has on for the outfit switch-a-roo. Wednesday was one of those days.

So  I started the day wearing a 90’s skirt (last seen here), thrifted silk tank and a smattering of mostly vintage necklaces and bracelets, vintage belt (from this dress), bag from Kohls, and Payless flip-flops. But I hung out with friend for the day and ended up not going home until rather late and while I was out
I went to Target. While looking through the clearance I came across some denim jackets that were half off. I tried a few on and found the perfect one. I have been hankering for one for a while too. Any way I had to wear my new found jacket. So after buying it I went to my friends house and the outfit switch-a-roo happened…

                   (I think the sun was in my eyes, but I love how it shows more of the belt)
So when I got to my friends house I swapped out my tank for my newly acquired denim jacket and wore my skirt as a dress and was good to go outfit wise. By the way outfit two was my fave of the day…What do you all think?
  Any way I hope you all have wonderfully wonderful weekend!!! Thank you all for your dropping by and your comments I love hearing from you all!!!
                                                           love you all,
                                                                     Laura =)

p.s. I’m kind of getting tired of my sweet n’ girly style of the moment. I must get myself out of my stylistic rut I must creatively figure something out. Any ideas?
though I will be making about 5 or more dresses for myself over the next couple of months so that will help.



  1. You look very cute but might I suggest a headband? It seems as though your hair is always in your face. Bobby pins will work too. Or a clip perhaps.

  2. Outfit 2 is definitly my fave as well. I love how you make all your clothes so adaptable! You could try a sporty/outdoors style outfit with that new denim jacket…sort of like that polycore posting you did a while back.

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