Wearing my Koos

                        Wearing: vintage Koos Van Den Akker Skirt (I think it’s from the 70’s),
                         Target tank top, trusty leather belt,  Chaps Sandals, And DIY necklace.
   A little look I wore a few days ago while traipsing about town,tending to work related things, and meeting up with friends. It was such a good day! Anyway I found this skirt at a neighbor’s yard sale I got another one but it’s way too hot to wear it now. I never thought I would own any thing Koos Van Den Akker but now I have two pieces. I see why people collect Koos Van Den Akker and high end clothing in general. Any way this skirt has the total swoosh factor going, and is incredibly fun to wear. So fun! It’s one of those mood brightening articles of clothing and what’s even better is it looks mighty cute worn as a dress so be pretty sure that you will see this skirt again worn various ways.
     Anyway I was wondering what thing in your closet makes you perk up?
I hope you all have blessed day!!! And thank you so much for you comments and support. It means a lot to me. I love to hearing from you guys!!!!



  1. loving the inspiration
    you've got a great blog, i'll be back for sure!
    if you've got three seconds and like cute clothes, head to http://sway.com/acree and sign up – it's free and easy, a company launching their collection in the fall and i need 1,000 people to sign up so i can win an ipad! it would mean the world, thanks so much!
    keep up your wonderful blog.


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