Variation on a Theme

 Wearing: VBS t-shirt, rarely worn Nine West denim skirt, vint bracelet, wood ring, Marc Fisher shoes, and amazing often worn Linea Pelle belt
This past week has been so incredibly busy due to work, chores, and Vacation Bible School  (VBS). Anyway I ended up wearing this shirt every evening this  week since I was in charge of a group of kids. It was so fun. Anyway I wore this top with shorts (since skirts and kids don’t always mix well.) Various amounts of jewelz were used throughout the week to add pizzaz. Happy Fathers Day and I hope you all have a blessed day!!!!! A big thanks and shout out to my dad for being my wonderful photographer. Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                                                                – Laura



  1. WOW, didn't know that your Dad is the photographer, you are so blessed indeed, and i used to wear shorts underneath my school uniform (the bottom of th uniform was a skirt) when i was still in primary school, those were the days, LOL, XOXO

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