Natural Habitat

A couple weeks ago between dodging the rain drops. I managed to snap a few pics of a recently finished design of mine. I absolutely love this shirt it’s  made with a mostly cotton lace with gold threads running throughout. I trimmed out the raw edges with tulle and did the shoulder straps in tulle. All in all I think if worn right it could have very ethereal feel but then again it could be worn in a myriad of ways. I hope you all enjoyed my little photo shoot of sorts. Thanks for dropping by. And thank you all for the sweet comments you all have been so kind. =)
– Laura
p.s. The DIY post will be posted as soon as I can it to a point where it’s understandable since explaining construction based things is something I’m not very good at. But I will have it posted before the month the is out.
p.s aka edit: I forgot to mention that it’s all hand sewn. but it was easy peasy since it’s small. I have as of yet to sew lace on the sewing machine.



  1. Thanks Nickie, It stinks the pants are too small but maybe you can turn them into something else this little tank was made with a remenant from Joanns So I'm sure you can salvage them in some way.

  2. Thanks Jemina! I have to agree with the whole layering thing cause when I last tried it on. I layered it over my fave vint lace cami and it looked so cool I loved it. Though I think it would be awesome if I layered it with the cami and wore a floofy white high waisted cotton skirt and amazing shoes…though I need to make the skirt and acquire the shoes.

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