(I think the sun was in my eyes hence the funny face lol)
                        wearing: vintage muu-muu, amazing vintage metal belt, DIY necklace,
                        various assorted vintage bracelets and rings.

                  wearing:target tank, random denim shorts,Amazing vintage jacket from the 70’s,
                      vintage straw clutch,DIY necklace, various assorted vintage bracelets,earrings, ring,
                      & vintage leather mens belt.
Here are a few looks I wore a couple months ago. I love the muu-muu I felt so good wearing it, I wore it to church. Then after church I changed into the shorts and jacket ensemble but sadly It’s way too hot to wear this jacket. Any way I found this jacket while combing through the jackets at the thrift store. Goes to show you never know what you will find.

As far as this necklace goes. I was wondering if you all would like me to do  a DIY post on how I made it. So you all can make your own version too. If your interested in knowing how I made it just comment or e-mail and tell me what you think. Well I hope you all have a blessed day!!!
– Laura



  1. I LOVE the dress, Laura. I'd love to wear something like it if I ever again go on a cruise…not to mention it looks GREAT on you:)

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