The Road Less Traveled

       Well On Friday I acquired a new dress from one of my favourite stores ever and wore it today. I absolutely love this dress it’s made of airy fairy breathable cotton and it so very comfortable I love it!!!!I do believe that I will be wearing it a lot this summer. Since it is so horrendously hot; I can’t think of any thing better. Anyway at the moment shorts don’t hold that much appeal unless they are black, gray, or khaki.I’m rather over denim shorts they are cute but I’d rather wear dresses and skirts while traipsing about town. What do you guy’s prefer shorts or dresses?
  But As far as my amazing new dress goes I found it at Misred a few weeks ago but I couldn’t get it. On Friday I brought in some items I got credit and now it’s in my closet. The coolest thing about this dress is it used to be the owner, Sara’s dress she has phenomenal style. I’m so thankful and blessed to have it. vintage cotton dress, thrifted tooled leather belt, various assorted bangles(I think they’re Indian and they are so cool.), inherited cornucopia ring,& Gianni Bini shoes.

Anyway I hope you all have a wonderful day and I love hearing from you all you make me smile. And thanks for dropping by.
                                                                – Laura

p.s in the first picture I’m trying to make the wind catch my skirt it didn’t work lol. Also my post title is referring to The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost a phenomenal American poet, more info here.



  1. hey xshumzx,you should definitely try out prints start with something simple and not too drastic and if you really like it it will progress. since that's how it kinda started for me. I used to wear only solids and now all I want to do is wear prints.And vintage silk shirts are amazing the men's section at a thrift store could yeild a great bounty. I wish you the best if you ever go on a print hunt. =)

  2. Hi Laura, love your dress, the colour is amazing, it looks so comfortable too. Your side braid and the way you twisted your tooled belt made the whole look even more interesting, super, xoxo

    ps: i did leave a comment before, but was afraid that it didn't show, so i left another one, if the prev. one showed up, then you'll have two comments from me, I hope you won't mind, xoxo

  3. Hey Laura, the dress looks so comfy, and your side braid is so cool. I love the way you twisted your tooled belt too, for me, it's all in the details, love it :), xoxo

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