Greater Lengths

I love this dress so much. I feel kind of 1940’s-ish when I wear it. I love it to bits… Another reason why I love it is that when I first put it on it fit perfectly. And you cant get much better than that. Especially when if your horribly short waisted (like me). vintage silk 80’s rendition of the 40’s dress,vintage macramé belt inherited from my grandmother, thrifted straw purse worn as a clutch, Gianni Bini shoes and various assorted vintage bracelets.

Have a blessed day everyone, and I love hearing from you. Thank you so much for the support! I was wondering how do guys like to wear the maxi dress?

p.s. Strange but true. I don’t like my ears sticking through my hair, but I love how the dress cascades around me. Since this was the only picture I used it anyway.



  1. you look great, and believe it or not i wore my maxi dress today, you can go look it up at my blog for the pics if you are interested :), but the maxi dress that i wore was just a simple plain black one, so i just blinged it up by putting on as much jewels as i can, ha ha ha, ps: i love the way you style your dress, so chic, xoxo

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