About two and a half weeks ago I chopped my hair from what it formerly was to what it is now, a kind of boyish (in my oppinion) haircut. I love it, because for about the past year I have wanted boy hair.Its the style I aspire to…
  Anyway, on a clothing related note, I cannot get enough of knee length full -ish skirts. I love them and I have ever since I was a little tot. Anyway, here are a few recent outfits featuring my fave style of skirt.

Here’s a little outfit I wore a couple weeks ago. I love designing, and using recycled materials has caused me to be more inventive. Any way the thing I love about this shirt is that it can be worn this way or the buttons in the front or as a vest. Simple yet versatile. I can’t get enough of it. thrifted skirt, trusty leather belt, Marc Fisher shoes. self designed pearl ring and shirt.

A little look I wore last week. I was going to add a 90’s denim vest but it didn’t jive with the whole look. So I went with the good old black and white staples. Daisy Fuentes cotton top,thrifted shortened skirt, trusty leather belt, Gianni Bini shoes, and selfmade necklaces.

  This is what I wore today. I picked up this skirt from the thrift store for a mere $1.50. It’s one of the best buys I have made in along time. When I looked at it I figured it was going to come home with me, and sure enough it did. It goes with so much and the color is perfect. It’s an army green or brown; I’m not sure which. Also, you know how people say that you should get rid of clothing that you haven’t worn in over six months, the shirt I’m wearing I have had for about a year and I’m so glad I don’t follow that rule, since I haven’t worn it until today. vintage silk shirt, cotton skirt, Linea Pelle belt, Marc Fisher shoes. An all thrifted outfit except my shoes. Not too bad…

Thanks for stopping by! I hope everyone has a blessed day!!!


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