All that Glitters

A little look at the jewelz I love to pieces…

I love how jewellery can add pizzaz to an otherwise dull outfit or add layers to an outfit that has a lot going for it already and make it all the better. Jewellery is the spice in an outfit though one certainly cannot forget any other accessories, so I would like to think that jewellery is like the sprinkles on a cake. Right now my current favorite jewellery combo is the turquoise and silver necklaces (the last photo). There are other bits of jewellery I love  because they were my  grandmothers she had an amazing sense of style and a keen eye for jewelz. but sadly when she died I got very few of her enormous collection but I every piece I inherited from her I cherish. Any way I was wondering what your favorite jewelz? I hope every one has a blessed day!!!

p.s. If any of you want me to answer a style question. You can ask via comment or e-mail and I will post it in 2 weeks, as a, How to wear it.



  1. Hey Caroline,Thanks for dropping by, The encouragement is wonderful it means alot. BTW I dropped by your blog and I thought it was really cool you have a wonderful sense of style.
    Laura =)

  2. loving this! really fun
    youve got a great blog, keep it up!
    thanks for sharing, i'll be watching your posts


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