Summer is Approaching

Well school is done I haven’t posted due to my lack of time I was busy with getting ready for finals. On a fashion related note I went thrifting a week ago and got some amazing pieces. The piece I’m most excited about is this long dress that’s an 80’s rendition of the fourties I really want to wear it with wedges or oxford flats. Here are a few looks I hope you all enjoy.

Neutralized Rainbow

Here are a few looks from polyvore with my favorite Burberry shoes and Alexander Mcqueen bag I hope you guys enjoy it !!!! Good luck to all fellow students who have finals this week or sometime soon.


  1. As far as shoes being cruel I don't think they are. I have a very high standards for the shoes I wear. since I don't like being in pain when I walk around.And I do prefer shoes with a little platform so I hope I didn't confuse you I'm really sorry if I did.It's all a matter of preference.As far as the Burberry shoes are on the scale of comfort since I sadly don't have the privilege of owning them and consequently wearing them but from looking at the shoe and knowing they are made in Italy I would think they are rather comfortable and if the sole of the shoe was uncomfortable after standing on them I would buy Insolias to stick on the bottom of the shoe (where your foot goes)
    And you can buy Insolias on-line from they really work and are worth the money I bought some since i was in a wedding and the shoes I had to wear were super painful and they helped ease the pain tremendously.I hope this answered your question.And as for how I would style baggy pants with chains I will do a post and show you what I think. I hope you guys have a good day.

  2. What's your take on the common fad of baggy pants with chains? Is there any way to make them look chic? I think they might look cute hanging low with black tights layered underneath.

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