Howdy all (old western-y mannerisms are so fun=)  Any way a quick little update I just might be getting a computer very shortly/quickly, this week I hope. I’m watching one on Ebay, and as all Ebay watchers know nothing is for sure. So I hope it happens. Also I’m making a shirt that I have designed and sooner or later you will see it (depends on when I can get a pic snapped). I’m so excited about it I’m making it on the sewing machine something I have rarely done until I started having arm troubles and a sore arm which is not an ideal situation, and I have found that sewing machines are not to be despised (something I knew but ignored). By the way have any of you watched worlds greenest homes, on planet green? That show is so cool a great place to see green homes that are drool worthy. I hope you all have a good day!!! And thank you so much for your sweet comments they really make my day!! =)   And yes I like to talk lol



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