Dear readers of my blog,
Thank you so much for visiting and commenting and being so nice. And if you don’t like rambling you can skip this. I’m not sure how fashiony this particular post will be but if you like you can keep reading. If you have been reading my blog for the short while it’s been around you probably remember  my  computer woes, I have super wonderful news I’m getting a computer sometime in the near future. Any way the possibility of getting one is much more real than before, I’m very  thankful for that. And as for outfit pics, which  I so wish I could put up here for all all to see I’m still snapping those away and I can’t wait  to put them up and I like them the most because I can see how I have changed stylisticly and it helps boost my memory since it reminds me of what I did. Do you all like that aspect of outfit pics? And the other thing I love about outfit pictures is how the neighbors stare as they are being taken, I find it utterly hilarious =) It’s half the fun of taking them. I especially rember when my dad was taking the pictures for this post how the neighbors stared it was hilarious,makes me smile just thinking of it. Well thank you all for reading my blog and I hope you all have a good week. =)

P.S. I felt like writing a letter, I love blogging on a whim. I hope you enjoyed it!


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