Fashion Smashion

…And yes I have been wanting to say that phrase (the post title), I figured there is no time like the present. Anyway being the thrifting vintage fanatic that I am I have found some wonderful things and my fave thing thus far is a Passports of  Pier1 Imports dress it’s so beautiful. I hope to wear it a lot but the embroidery on the front is unraveling a sad fact that I must figure out how to remedy. If any one has any ideas please let me know. Any way as the weather warms up  I’m getting my spring and summer wardrobe into gear  my goal and hope is to wear loads of linen, cotton and rayon garments that are made by me or acquired on any shopping trip and if you see something your not sure about don’t knock it until you try it after all you will never know how much you might like it or you might find that it could be worn in a different way than what you think. Case in point would be this little red and white shirt i found the other day while thrifting I tried it on as a dress and talked to a fellow shopper who liked my idea of taking of the waist band and using it for the straps then wearing it as a dress.  I also have the saddest news ever my computer has died and can never work again without the expenditure of tons of money so now I have no idea what so ever when I can post outfit pics so but you can be sure that when I do there will lots of my fave outfits to see. Thankfully all the pictures on the computer  that is now dead can be saved, when I found that out the tragic news of having a dead computer was not quite as bad. A big thanks to everyone for their nice comments and thank you Jonesy of Bliss List for being my first follower it made my day.





  1. Thanks for the advice the embroidery is on a net then lined so it's very hard to get to.But I might be able to take out a side seam to get to it.

  2. Hi, Camille's Aunt Erica here, love your blog! About the embroidery, if its just embroidery with nothing underneath, maybe line with a sheer netting and just sew the loose stitches in place to the netting below. If on fabric, re-tack the stitches from below, or rethink the design, remove some to make it more random if it seems appropriate, and add some more stitches or doo-daddery to make it even more random. Passports or pier 1 sounds like a 90's style, and I remember super gaudy custom garments with very asymmetrical features fitting in nicely. If I had a better idea of the look I could give more unsolicited advice, lol. You probably have it fixed by now. NICE outfits by the way! You go girl!

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