Why I love Shopping at all Sorts of Stores and Continued Rambling

I love to shop If I could I would go shopping ever day, but that’s a tad bit excessive. Also I have to spend my days poring over school books so that kind of kicks that idea out of the ball park. Anyway I wanted to clarify that I don’t hate vintage stores it’s just that most of them in my are area are supremely expensive, which is the world’s biggest bummer. But that Changed at the end of January when I was walking around my town and stumbled across Artpool Gallery and Vintage Boutique. But since it was a Monday they were closed so I decided to come back on a Wednesday, when I came back I was in art and vintage heaven.I later met the owner and she is really nice; she also has a very good $5 rack which adds to the incentive to shop there. For me at least. then a mere four weeks ago a lovely little vintage and unique clothing store opened. The store is amazing and the owner is so sweet. Just the other day I got a lovely brown wool blazer and I love it to bits. I do believe I’m going to wear it tomorrow. The name of this fab little store is MISRED Outfitters a very cool shop.Which also has a $3-$5 rack. Both of these stores will definitely  be a wonderful addition to my thrift ,Target, and Marshall’s  shopping. Here are the links to both stores websites and if you happen to live in, or are visiting central Fl. you should definitely check out these stores.  MISRED Outfitters and ArtPool Gallery and Vintage Boutique . On a side note I’m really sorry that I have neglected my blog and the reason is that I have not been able to post pictures since my computer was not working and it still is not fixed yet.
Thank you for your sweet comments  and Happy Shopping!!!!



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