I’m one of those people who has at times a tendancy to ramble about clothes and now is one of those times where I really need to get all these thoughts out off my chest so please bear with me.And if rambling isn’t your thing you can skip over this. I was just thinking of how it’s so easy  to shop for vintage at thrift stores versus the vintage store which I love, but for the economically minded I think the thrift store is a wonderful place to buy vintage. But then again most of the vintage stores in my area are more on the expensive side but there are many thrift stores around me that have  wonderful vintage and are kind of like little vintage stores in some respects.
But to refocus my ramblings I have found loads of vintage silk and silk is a bit of a  fabric obsession at times but then again when a person finds what they like they buy it up or so I’ve noticed and I do it. Also I’ve found two fablous vintage Sak’s Fifth Avenue blazers one is wool and the other is camel hair they both make me feel like a million bucks and the fit on them is amazing. And so much more… So if any one who happens to be reading this is feeling down and out about your wardrobe I highly suggest going to a thrift store since if you look around you can find some amazing stuff but if you don’t like the store, find another one. The nice thing about the economic downturn is that there all sorts of interesting and wonderful little thrift stores to explore.well I hope everone has a good week and I should be posting again soon On a side note going to thrift stores can be a little overwhelming at times so think about what you need and make a list. Be openminded if you see something you like then it would be smart to try it on.  But if you can’t afford it, it can be a little tricky. Sometimes I try it on and leave it, other times I just leave it be,and there are times it’s still there when I go back and I generally get it. Most of all I hope you guys have fun while thrifting!!!


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