Trekking to the Frigid North

the one advantage to traveling is it gives me an excuse  to buy clothes and accessories I normally wouldn’t think of buying. The hat was one such purchase. and I absolutely love it, I have a feeling that I will be wearing this hat for quite some time at least until the weather warms up which happens so easily  here in Fl. Any way I hope every one has a blessed wonderful week!!!! Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!!!!
  And I’m wearing a target hat. The dress is One clothing I love how it’s black and white and reminiscent of the Mexican’s layered over an Old Navy dress and cinched with a random belt they’re from friends, after all when a friend with great style gives you clothes how can you say no…And lastly the shoes My new Marc Fisher shoes they’re a new addition, I love how they are strappy and buckly, two thing I can’t seem to get enough of. Also i’m wearing a thrifted seude jacket. And by now I’m sure your wondering where I’m going , I’m headed of to N.C. For a LoveMercy Youth Convention I’m so excited I can’t wait!!!


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