Fashion vs. Style

Fashion versus Style…

Fashion and style, like cat and dogs are two totally different things…

Fashion is exciting invigorating and it can be impersonal. You see fashion in the stores, on the runways, in the newspaper and on the magazine rack. Fashion is art. Fashion is consumer oriented. Fashion is always changing.

Style on the other hand, is personal, an artform, It is a choice, a statement, a form of creative expression. It is exciting! It needs fashion, yet can exist without it. Style is what you say to the world.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in fashion and lose out on style. To let your choices be dictated by the masses, instead of making a decision yourself.

When fashion and style merge it is amazing! Choosing the fashion you want to incorporate into your own personal style can be the most invigorating thing. Choosing the designers, you want to come back to year after year… The magazines and websites you draw inspiration from, and the boards you follow on Pinterest…

Style is something that is 100% you! Style makes you consider what is uniquely you and challenges you to bring that to the table consistently.  It’s a confidence builder and an individualizer. It’s one way you say to the world, “look out world  here I come!” without saying anything at all.

Fashion and style, walk hand in hand. Like sisters they may be related; but they couldn’t be more different.




Break Your Style Rules

The conventional fashion rules are a thing of the past. After all who hasn’t worn white after Labor Day, black with navy or mix your metals silver with gold…

Style rules are a different thing altogether. These are the boundaries we give ourselves when we go shopping and when we get dressed. In my own life I have and had many style rules, the one that was the most fun to break was about maxi dresses. I was convinced that I could not wear them. That there was no way it would look good on someone who is just average height and has curvy hips. But that could not have been further from the truth! One day while thrifting I found the “one” a funky 70’s maxi that was perfect! It looked great and I felt wonderful. I learned one very important lesson just because I didn’t think that I could wear a maxi dress didn’t mean I could. Since then I have tried many things and have gained a new appreciation for trying new clothes, and being experimental in my style.

Now one thing I keep in mind when breaking the rules is my body shape. I believe in working with your body not against it. So here’s the basic formula for breaking your style rules… Think of one thing you avoid like the plague, maybe it’s maxi skirts. Keep it in the back of your mind when ever you go shopping or borrow something from your friend or family member. When you try it on have an open mind with an attitude of playfulness and experimentation. After all you just may find your new favorite thing to wear!

Looking Back and Looking Forward Part 5

2013-2015 were huge huge transition-ary times. In 2013 I was working through cosmetology school and graduated in August of that year the rest of that year and 2014 were spent trying to figure out my life.  I decided to quit this blog on Nov 4th (I think) of 2014 and all lay dormant until I started deleting posts… Come next post I will be unveiling the new direction of the site…  Since I am a  sentimental person I couldn’t just let my dear, departed, deleted posts go without a proper homage… So here is part 5 a recap of posts and my life for the last 3 years! I barely blogged during this time.


2013 The year I finished school and tried to figure out where I stood in the world of hair… Ultimately I realized that hair and I were never to be people and fashion are my passions in a way that hair will never be and never has…. This year was also a year of personal upheaval my sister was in a very bad accident and was in the ICU for a few months and the hospital for many more but she has bounced back. She is such an inspiration to me and many others…

Jan 7th 2013 Wore this to the hospital to visit my sister… Things in life may be up in the air but two things to remember, God is always in control and you can dress up for any occasion. =)

Artfully Artista


Jan 9th 2015 Sunday, church outfit! I was in LOVE with this top it’s so pretty. Never underestimate the power of a sunny color during a less than sunny time in life.




Jan 15th 2013 My Birthday Dress!!! Yes I wore this on my Birthday but I also wore it just because it was fun to wear…  it was very fitting with my 90’s fashion dreams of the time.


Jan 30th 2013 Another outfit I wore to visit my sis while she was in the hospital… I felt like a million bucks in this look =)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Feb 6th 2013 Twas not so cold winter that year and I always love to wear my Levi’s denim when I head out and about… To be honest I would probably wear something pretty similar to this right now.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMarch 25th 2013 had to capture the shoulder of this blouse they were sequins which at the time was quite exciting… Details are fun!


April 10th 2015 What I wore to Church. The jacket is pretty fab and I still love to wear it out and about ❤


September 3rd 2013 4 days after I had just graduated from Aveda Institute. So I did a post showing off my portfolio. I did a photoshoot with a beautiful  classmate of mine Ciara and earlier I was a model in school runway show I was a lizard lady and it was pretty awesome! All photos were shot by the talented Brian James.




Me as the lizard lady… Twas a fun experience.


October 8th 2015, Beach day with a friend =) Good times and pleasant memories.

Asrtfully Artista Soooo cool!

November 30th 2013 I turned 23!!! I had some dear friends over to celebrate the coming of another year. That birthday dress was so fun to wear and  the print is out of this world ❤




2014 was a year of self discovery and overcoming fears… and I only had 1 post that year from May of 2014 the outfit that I wore to my brothers scholarship dinner.

so here it is… =)


Vint LBD

2015 Was an interesting year I had huge dreams and plans that I did not know how to bring into reality… So I studied my heart out and got stuck on the hamster wheel of knowledge consumption because truth be told taking action can  be hard it requires a totally different mindset than consuming information. But I did accomplish some pretty cool things… In Feb I helped with the costume design for a student film my friend Trevor put together. You can watch it here! I never thought I could design mermaid tails but I can and I did! It was while I was working on that film that I realized how much I love styling and how I love to style for woman and there lives, more than for stories and but rather for life… I am so glad I tried that and did something new.