The weekend is the time to escape from everyday life to sit at the beach and soak in the salty air; to explore a city that
one has never been to before. So relax and enjoy your weekend; if you can go forth and explore the world, do it!
Happy Friday!
<3, Laura

Be Inspired

Grace-Coddington-1960s Le-Sereno-St.Barts tiles

Jean-Pachet-1951 Santorini Structures palm-Fronds

This month I’m inspired by summer along with a few other things…

left to right:

1. Updo’s from the 60′s; I’m smitten with this picture of Grace Coddington.

2. The island life: A vacation at the Le Sereno in St. Barts sounds amazing…

3. Colorful Tiles: Dreaming of having a little bit of tile work like this.

4. 1950′s Glamor: Jean Patchet in 1951 in this fabulous summer editorial.

5. Santorini Greece: Dreaming of seeing the white buildings and blue waters for myself.

6. Palm Fronds: Palm trees are everywhere in Florida, I see them everyday and find them beautiful.

Take care <3, Laura

Image source

Look Up


Sometimes you just need to look up. You never know what you will see.

<3. Laura

photo taken by Laura Clarke