Photoshoot with Love Script Photograghy

I have been absent from the blogosphere for a week I have missed you all so much. Now at last I can show you the reason why I was absent for a week! I have been making garments for my first ever collaborative shoot with my friend Stacia of Love Script Photography.

Here are a couple of my favorites!

My all time fave!!!!!
To see it all click on over to Stacia’s post, here! You don’t want to miss it!
I have come to the conclusion that modeling is hard work. Designing is so much fun and using the gifts that God has given me is such a blessing as well as working with others that use the gifts that God has given them! I am praising the Lord for giving me such a wonderful friend and opportunity! I can’t wait to do this again!!!!
Take care friends =)
Wearing in outfit 1: ArtfullyArtista by Laura Clarke cotton caftan-y dress see it in full detail here; ArtfullyArtista by Laura Clarke orange ceramic bead and chain necklace; vintage belt;tunban-y head wrap made with the sash from this dress; and various bracelets and necklaces worn as bracelets.
Outfit 2: ArtfullyArtista by Laura Clarke seersucker stripe skirt made from vintage yardage(sooo swoonworthy); thrifted denim shirt that I removed the collar and front pocket from; Patagonia sandals; Linea Pelle belt; and vintage chain necklace worn as a bracelet.
p.s. Modeling is hard… but fun! Thus far I only model my style since I am not tall enough or skinny hipped enough for regular fashion modeling. But I don’t mind not fitting the standard because I like being me. So go forth, and be ye yourself =)

In a Denim Daze

 The day the camera battery died, just before I  got sick. I was surprised when I found this picture,I didn’t think it had made it…

        But since I love this outfit so much I had to recreate it and show you all.

                 Plus I totally love my supremely short tresses…It’s very 1920’s.

                                 Being goofy is good for the soul =)

Thank you all for sticking with me! & new followers for following! You all are a great encouragement. and we all need encouragement =)
Also I am at last pretty much well,…I just have to get my voice back to normalcy, and get rid of the remnants of a cough.
In other news, I love denim! I never really thought I would love denim as much as I do. I guess I grew into it. Most of my life I stayed away from denim & as a child there was only one pair of jeans that would do. No others could compare… Now I’m all grown up and I love it. It’s always funny when that happens. My infatuation for denim is so deep that I have a mens denim suit from the 70’s, that I’m going to alter and wear come fall/winter(It’s so perfect!).

I hope you all are having a wonderful week!!! Stay well!!!


wearing: thrifted,vintage anchor print dress that I shortened, last seen here(it’s backless); thrifted denim vest; random assortment of bracelets(a couple are gifts from pals);vintage ring;yard saled vintage leather backpack(it’s a staple); and Marc Fisher sandals

A Day at the Beach

Here few pictures that I took at the beach during Spring Break. I hope you enjoy them!

  Last month during spring break, I went to the beach with some of the ladies in my family. We had a girls day, we ate, talked and took pictures. These are some of the more interesting pictures that I took. We went to Fort Desoto beach, which is full of nature and the way beaches were before people built them up. Since I love nature I had a ball and got a tan. =)
  Sadly I don’t have an outfit post yet. I am anxiously waiting for the battery charger to come in the mail, which will replace the one I have(which is broken). Hopefully it will come in the mail Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Then I’ll get going with the outfit posts(which I miss doing). Though the truth be told I haven’t worn anything very post worthy in the past week and a half, because I have been getting over a very bad cold. It was so bad that I only took note that I was wearing interesting jewelz to jazz up my half hearted ensembles. But since yesterday I have felt well enough to care. I guess all this works out well. 

Well I have to go and tackle my landslide of homework(4 weeks left=crunch time)

I hope your Sunday was a restful one.


p.s My dear friend Kat just started a blog. She’s witty lady and has a wonderful way with words. I highly recommend you check out her blog, First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage.

UPDATE: I have the battery charger and my camera’s battery is getting juiced up as I speak. So expect an outfit post in the next couple of days!