Blue & Green…


… As seen while at the beach, soaking up the sun with my family. With the balmy air surrounding me; I could hear the buzz of people with their families & friends enjoying the fresh salty air. Waves crashed on the shore and seagulls screeched and swirled in the air. All the colors excited me and inspiration could be found everywhere I looked. I was particularly struck by the blue sky and green palm trees; so vibrant and beautiful. I’m so thankful that the Lord has made this earth such a beautiful place His workmanship and creativity can be seen everywhere.

Have a fabulous weekend lovelies!!!

<3, Laura




Be bold, add some glamor. Wear a little red…

Happy Monday <3,


graphic designed by Laura Clarke quote Bill Blass.


The weekend is the time to escape from everyday life to sit at the beach and soak in the salty air; to explore a city that
one has never been to before. So relax and enjoy your weekend; if you can go forth and explore the world, do it!
Happy Friday!
<3, Laura