The Last Post

So… I have decided to stop blogging! I didn’t decide to do this overnight it’s been along time coming (I’ve been working on this blog for almost 5 years!). I have realized that now is the time to let it go and pursue other things. Truth be told, a year ago I was contemplating whether or not to to keep on blogging and I decided to give it another go. but over the past year I have realized that blogging is not something I want to do anymore(for now). Perhaps one day I will blog again. I have grown and changed so much over the years and my blog really hasn’t, I’m out of touch with it and just want to let it go. The people I have met and all I have learned will definitively stay with me. It’s been fun!

Take care lovelies! If you want to follow along I’m on pinterest!

<3, Laura

p.s. this blog will get deleted in the near future.


Sneaking into Fall




Vans 36 Slim


New Balance 420


Inkkas Shadow High Tops



It’s officially fall, and summer has finally drifted away… With the changing of seasons comes the chance to switch things up stylistically. After all your look will never evolve if new things are never tried. For me a relatively new thing¬† is the sneaker. Sneakers and athletic shoes in general have been something I have despised since my youth, though as always, there were a couple of exceptions…¬† But lately I have been seeing them in a whole new light. From being an odious shoe, to one that can add some laid back ease to an otherwise up-tight outfit.. Anywho above are my top 3 fall sneaker picks that I want to wear for the rest of the year….

Have a beautiful weekend!!!

<3, Laura

p.s. Never say never with fashion and style, you never know what you might like…

Be Inspired

Lauren Bacall denimdaze Mira-Duma-SS

Sailing yacht 46 feet Croatia Adraitic sea Dalamtion coast Sleeves 1950 editorial Spencer Alley

A little inspiration always gives me excitement! Here’s what’s making me happy…

From left to right:

1. Lauren Bacall, is one of my favorite actresses I was saddened by her passing

this past month, but her legacy lives on in her beautiful work

2. Denim on Denim, I can’t get enough!

3. Miraslova Duma in a breath taking Celine dress.

4. The boat life, I don’t really want to let go of summer…

5.Hanne Gaby Odeile , those sleeves are perfection.

6. An amazing editorial from 1950, I love this image!

Have a lovely weekend!

<3. Laura

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