Be Inspired

Grace-Coddington-1960s Le-Sereno-St.Barts tiles

Jean-Pachet-1951 Santorini Structures palm-Fronds

This month I’m inspired by summer along with a few other things…

left to right:

1. Updo’s from the 60′s; I’m smitten with this picture of Grace Coddington.

2. The island life: A vacation at the Le Sereno in St. Barts sounds amazing…

3. Colorful Tiles: Dreaming of having a little bit of tile work like this.

4. 1950′s Glamor: Jean Patchet in 1951 in this fabulous summer editorial.

5. Santorini Greece: Dreaming of seeing the white buildings and blue waters for myself.

6. Palm Fronds: Palm trees are everywhere in Florida, I see them everyday and find them beautiful.

Take care <3, Laura

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Look Up


Sometimes you just need to look up. You never know what you will see.

<3. Laura

photo taken by Laura Clarke

50′s Inspired Summer

beach-50s        adventure-50s


Simone-HB-59     beachside-50's

For many of us living in the northern hemisphere it’s hot as can be… Which leaves many of us scrambling to beat the heat; especially if you happen to live in a more tropical part of the world, like me. I appreciate tanks and denim cut-offs but the 50′s shows a different way to stay cool it’s glamorous yet at times quirky too. Currently loving: retro 50′s style one pieces, White cotton clothing in simple yet elegant cuts, and quirky baby doll dresses. What’s inspiring you this summer? Let me know in the comments below.

Stay cool & happy Monday <3,


all images via Pinterest. For more vintage summer-inspiration check out this board!